Public Involvement

Public involvement has been and will continue to be an integral and fundamental part of this process. The County is offering many opportunities to get involved and is happy to meet with anyone interested in learning more. In addition to the public outreach, a Citizens Advisory Panel is working alongside the County and Project Team throughout all steps. If you are interested in the project, there are many opportunities to get involved.

Nature and Character Master Plan Phase

Public Meeting – July 11, 2017

Purpose: to share background information on the study process, conceptual designs for the north (FM 150 from FM 1826 to RM 12) and south (FM 150 from Arroyo Ranch Road to FM 3237) sections, the proposed location for the bypass, and conceptual designs for the upgrade section of FM 967 and FM 1826.

Public Meeting – December 13, 2016

Purpose: to review the highlight of the Features and Themes Report, to share information on the Nature and Character Master Plan phase of the project, and collect input on various roadway elements and aesthetic features to be considered as the concepts are further defined.

Features and Themes Phase – June 2014 to April 2016

Public Meeting – October 22, 2015

Hays County hosted a public meeting for the FM 150 West Character Plan study (from Arroyo Ranch Rd. to RR 12). The purpose of this meeting was to share FM 150 corridor concepts including concepts for other area roadways such as FM 1826 and Elder Hill Road, and to collect comments on this study.

Public Workshop – March 25, 2015

Hays County hosted a public workshop for the FM 150 West Character Plan project to share background information on the corridor and to collect input. A mapping exercise was held so attendees could share their input on special characteristics and features along the corridor, using the Environmental Data and Context Zones Maps. This meeting was the first workshop for the project, following the introductory informational meeting held in October 2014.

Informational Meeting – October 16, 2014

Hays County hosted an informational meeting on Thursday, October 16, 2014 as a first step to develop the FM 150 Character Plan from the vicinity of Arroyo Ranch Road to Ranch Road 12 in Dripping Springs. The plan will identify long-term solutions to address safety and mobility while preserving the look and feel of the corridor.