FM 150 Alignment Study Area

Hays County is among the top ten fastest growing counties in America. The population of Hays County is projected to more than double within the next 25 years, increasing from 157,000 as of the 2010 Census, to over 628,000 by 2040. Employment in Hays County is also expected to grow from 48,000 in 2010 to over 270,040 in 2040. This population and employment growth has the potential to cause significant traffic congestion and increase the need for new and improved roadways, as well as the need for Hays County to develop alternative modes of transportation.

The County developed a long range transportation plan in 2013 to identify current and future transportation needs and how best to address them. In 2013 the Hays County Transportation Plan (HCTP) was adopted and lists, among other projects, improvements to FM 150.

Proactive Planning

The Hays County Commissioners Court is taking a proactive approach to address transportation needs. Congestion can already be difficult in and around our County. If we do not plan for the future, it may be detrimental to our quality of life.

As the County’s Pass-Through Finance and Priority Road Bond Programs are moving into their final stages of development and construction, the County has initiated its next roadway improvement program: the Hays County-Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Partnership Program.  The Partnership Program was formalized in the summer of 2013 when the Texas Transportation Commission committed $40.0 million of construction funding to the Program.  The County is funding both planning studies for FM 150 and working to identify future alignments for corridor preservation.

FM 150 Alignment Study

Project Location: Near Arroyo Ranch Road heading east to near IH 35 at Yarrington Road

Hays County and The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in partnership with the Federal Highway Administration, are considering a realignment of a 5 mile section of existing FM 150 from Arroyo Ranch Road east through Kyle to IH35.  The purpose of this proposed project is to enhance safety and mobility. With limited space to improve existing FM 150 in downtown Kyle, the County is considering an alternate route west of downtown. The proposed project includes a 4-lane divided roadway with a typical 150 feet of right-of-way. Project considerations include reducing congestion by providing separate routes for through and local traffic, improving pedestrian and bicycle safety, and providing a potential connection to the future FM 110 in San Marcos.

FM 150 Character Plan

Project Location: Near Arroyo Ranch Road heading northwest to RR 12 in Dripping Springs or further to US 290

Hays County is developing a Character Plan to address capacity and safety along FM 150 from the vicinity of Arroyo Ranch Road northwest through the County to Ranch Road (RR) 12 in Dripping Springs. Opportunities to extend FM 150 west to US 290 may be considered.