After 3 years of studying the area, working closely with the community, and evaluating potential options, Hays County accepted the FM 150 Character and Master Plans. Full reports are available below.

What is the FM 150 West Character Plan?

The FM 150 West Character Plan is a document that defines how best to provide the future improvements and capacity needed for FM 150 West from near Arroyo Ranch Road to RM 12 near Dripping Springs. It is a “cookbook” that explains the approach for meeting current and future transportation needs. The Plan includes context based concepts and identifies improvements that can be implemented incrementally over time.

Now that the Character Plan is complete, what happens next?

There are two safety projects moving forward for full plan and schematic development including intersection improvements at FM 3237 and RM 12. As other short-term and safety projects move forward, information will be shared with the community.

There is no schedule for the other mid and long-term improvements at this time. Improvements such as the potential bypass are further out, possibly entering a project development process in 3-10 years depending on how quickly the County grows and would take an additional 3-5 years for before construction could begin.

What happened to the FM 150 Alignment Study?

As a separate and distinct effort, the County was conducting a study and environmental review process to develop an alignment for FM 150 from Arroyo Ranch Road heading southeast to near I-35 and Yarrington Rd. After meeting with many stakeholders and holding 3 public meetings, a corridor was recommended for a new alignment of part of the road. The County is coordinating with TxDOT to undergo further environmental studies and project development. For Hays County archived information click here.